October 8, 2012

Change Must Come: Bangs and Buh-Byes!

black hair bangs

This will be my last post...ever. Don't cry! Don't wail! Be happy! Change is good!

I've come to terms with the fact that I just can't keep up this bombing-ass blog while maintaining an even more kickass full-time job. It hurts. It really does. But the truth is, I must move on. You can keep up with my budding career HERE on my semi-profesh/semi-personal bloggy blog...that I sporadically update.

This was really a hard decision because I love you all. From your emails to your comments, you've all been such wonderful fans. I never thought 10,000 of you would be tuning into my stupid bantics (beauty antics) every month.

And being that my first post was about my hair, it only felt right to close it with a hair story. So, here I go!

I recently got bangs (as you can see above). They swoop my face and are a real pain in my you-know-what. Alas, I love them. I needed a change in my hair. Ron worked his magic and va-va-voom! I feel like Aaliyah—Are you that somebody??

One last black hair lesson from my mastermind of a hairstylist, Ron:

Only shampoo your hair once a week and wash mid-week with just a conditioner. It will do WONDERS for your hair. Seriously. It's called cleansing. When you shampoo, you strip your strands of essential oils. By only conditioning, you will restore said oils (and gain bounce!!) to your hair.

Last note: I'm no longer Anemic. Between the birth control, iron supplements, and my obsession with broccoli, spinach, and flax, I rid myself of Anemia. Huzzah!

Hit me up on Twitter or email or whatever to stay in touch. Mwah!

October 1, 2012

Fall Inspired Nails

fall nails
It's the first day of October! How the eff did that happen?! 2012 is zooming by!

I decided to give my nails a touch of my favorite season: fall. The bottom coat is Riveting from China Glaze, a sparkly orange/red mix. The top coat is Rina from Zoya, a green confetti-esque polish. This combo was inspired by the autumn leaves!

What do you think?

September 11, 2012

NAILS: Still On A Press-On High

impress press on nails in stiletto

This nail color is called Stiletto. What do you think?

September 6, 2012

TMI Thursday: How I Got Rid Of My Ingrown Hairs For Good...Sort Of

How I Got Rid Of My Ingrown Hairs For Good
After my first bikini wax, my ingrown hairs returned with a vengeance! Granted, I didn't follow the beauticians advice to exfoliate my lady bits. Oops.

So during my second wax session, the girl waxing me off (insert inappropriate joke here—ha!) mentioned that a lot of my ingrown hairs were cystic meaning a possible infection. Gasp! She tried to peddle some product the spa has, but ultimately said Tend Skin would do the job as well...but I had to get into the habit of dabbing it on my girly parts daily. Not a newbie to daily beauty routines, I knew this was something I could do.

To take this new regimen a step further, I bought Skin Tight Clearing Cleanser (Skin Tight products are the shiiiiiiiiit!) and used the cleanser down thurr before I used my body wash.

I've been doing this for a month and half and the combination of Skin Tight and Tend Skin has really diminished the amount of ingrown hairs I have. It's so wonderful!

So ladies, do yourself a favor and try this routine of mine:
Use the Skin Tight Clearing Cleanser in the shower and swab some Tend Skin on as you get dressed. Your va-jay-jay will thank you.

September 4, 2012

QUICK TIP: Get A Skin Screening!

Back in July, I had a skin screening for possible traces of skin cancer. Luckily the Dermatologist didn't find any moles that I should be worried about. However, I did walk away with an interesting piece of info:

For people of color, malignant moles show up in the hands and feet first.

Thus, reiterating the importance of sunscreen for everyone—no matter your skin color. So if you spot a suspicious mole on your hands or feet, go and see a doc!

September 3, 2012

I'm Back! I'm Back!

Sorry I've been missing the past couple weeks. Like I said in my previous post, I've been sick and suffering from (but working through) extreme exhaustion.

I took the time off from blogging to get my sleeping schedule and health back on track. And I'm happy to report it's been a success! I've been getting more that five hours of sleep a night and am beginning to feel like my old self.

My lovelies, sleep is important. Nonetheless, I'M BACK!

August 16, 2012

TMI Thursday: So... Sleep Is Important

The past two weeks have been hell, or well, close to it. Last week I had literal exhaustion. This week, I got sicker than I've ever been before. Between the dizzy spells, fevers, and fatigue, I lost my mind.

As a person who exercises more than the average American, eats healthy, drinks a lot of water, and takes their vitamins, I don't understand why I keep getting sick. Or well, I don't want to admit to myself why I keep getting sick. But today is the day I admit I have a problem.

Hi, my name is Dara and I don't know how to get enough sleep at night.

You know you're a true night owl when your friends always assume you'll be up at midnight, just because. My problem isn't sleeping. I sleep like a baby. It takes me less than 10 minutes to fall asleep. Once I turn my head on the pillow, I'm out like a light. My problem is getting myself into bed because I can always find something to keep me up at night. (Can you say workaholic?)

A good friend—okay, all of my friends—flat out told me that the reason I keep getting ill is because I don't get enough rest. On a good night, I get five or six hours of sleep. On a bad night, I get three hours. It's a habit I need to curb! And as my best girlfriend shouted at me, "Vitamins do not equal sleep!"

Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, slow you down, and damage your health in so many other ways.

So on that note, I'm going to bed.

August 1, 2012

So Obsessed With My Press-On Nails!

Like I said, I've got an abundance amount of fake nails that I can stick on my fingers. I've gone through about 8 boxes, but here a couple of my most recent wears. You like?

impress press on nails

impress press on nails

impress press on nails

July 31, 2012

25 Pounds Down - Feeling Like My Old Self

As I power walked at 5 mph, I pushed the treadmill to 8.5 on incline.

The sweat plummeted from my head and onto my Kindle Fire. Streaks of success stained my tablet as I tried to wipe it clean. I let out a cackle in between my heavy breathes. My eyes were glued to the chuckle-worthy book I was reading, Feminista by Erica Kennedy. Kick Up The Epic Motherfucker by Dada Life echoed in my ears and I felt at peace. I was finally having the hard workout I had been craving but couldn't really do when I was 25 pounds heavier. "How did I get here?" I thought. It took a while, but I got here.

My big secret (besides Bikram Yoga) is I mainly eat three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes I snack, and if I do, it's fruit. I tried the eat five small meals a day thing and that didn't work. That's too much food for me and I think it takes too much effort to remember to eat FIVE times a day—haha. I pretty much trained my tummy to get used to eating smaller portions and it's doing my waist line wonders! The key is that those three meals must be healthy, filled with the right amount of protein, veggies, and grains.

Eat right, workout, and the fat shall die.

Got any weight loss tips?

July 30, 2012

How To Pick The Right Scalp Oil

>BB's Super Gro

When it comes to oiling my scalp (#BlackGirlProblems), I've been a Sulfur 8 devotee for many years. It kept my crusty dandruff scalp in check...for the most part. However, I recently started noticing it wasn't doing the job (flakes, flakes, falling everywhere).

I asked Ron, my hairdresser, which type of scalp oil I should get. Never one to claim one product as the end all be all, he grabbed a jar of the stuff he uses on my hair and asked me to touch it. Ron said that it was best I feel the texture of the oil to know what I should be looking for, stating that it's important for the the product to at least contain vitamin a, e, and d.

And so, I was on the hunt for a new scalp oil. I did the touch test (should feel light, not thick) and checked the ingredients. A big fan of the yummy coconut-y smell in BB's Super Gro, I chose it. So far, so good. My scalp hasn't been that itchy or full of flakes. Apparently, it's also great at growing hair, but I'm not using it for that reason. My hair grows at a rate I love!

Do you have a scalp oil you like to use?

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