February 28, 2011

Beyoncé Blackface For French Fashion Magazine L'Officiel Paris - I'm OK With It

I wasn't really going to talk about this, but I feel like it needs to be addressed. I'm not sure how I feel about Beyoncé going blackface. When people do things that are deemed as racist, I often look at it as a sign of deep ignorance and poor judgement. I know racism is real. I've witnessed it and experienced it. All I can really do is shake my head at the editorial. I don't think it's racist, because she was artistically painted, but I do think it was a bad idea to paint her face and neck a chocolately brown in a couple of the shots.

According to Daily News, the editorial is a tribute to Nigerian artist and human rights activist, Feli Kuti. I am Nigerian (shoutout to my fellow Yorubas) and I was very glad to see her in some of the traditional outfits. I wish people would stop talking about her blackface and start talking about what she is wearing. She is putting African-ware out there. The fabric and designs are so intriciate and carefully made and dyed and I'm super excited to see it in the spotlight! Albeit, Beyoncé's blackface. (P.S. similar fashions can be found here at Macy's.)

Tell me what you think!
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