February 28, 2011

Hair: Relaxed, Weave, or Natural?

Me at 8 years old rocking my braid extensions.

A recent post on Fashion Bomb got me thinking about the idea of relaxed, weaves and natural. I think that there is nothing wrong with any of them, but it's just about keeping your hair healthy.

I personally REFUSE to wear a weave or go natural. Natural hair is not my style and weaves ruin hair if not properly taken care of. The truth is I really hate weaves. Throughout my youth, I went between weaves and relaxed hair. My choice of fake hair was braid extensions. I absolutely loved them because I could whip my hair back and forth! I eventually vowed them off when my sophomore year of high school, I tried a new hair stylist who braided in my extensions too tight. When it came time for me to take my braids out, 50% of my actual hair was in the garbage. My hair was ruined and my hair dresser Ron was not too happy. Him and I worked so hard to get my hair healthily relaxed and I had to go and ruin it by getting a weave.

I know you're thinking I'm doing damage to my hair as well by getting a relaxer. When I go see Ron, he always does just a touch-up. He only places the relaxer on my roots so the rest of my hair does not get over-processed. Ron is also the only person who will ever do my perms because he knows all my diva-esque tendencies about the whole process; I have sensitive areas on my scalp that he knows to watch out for, I use a base cream before relaxing, I don't like the relaxer on my ears, nor do I like my hair touching my ears. I also only go for a perm almost every 2 - 3 months. It's not a frequent thing of mine. I don't care if my new growth is ever showing. I just care about being able to comb through my hair.

Needles to say, I'm curious. It's always interesting to find out how other black girls take care of their hair. What do you do?

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