February 17, 2011

How do you groom your eyebrows?

Photo: tweezerman.com
I love my eyebrows. Every time I go to the salon, the lady doing my brow takes her sweet time saying, "Your eyebrow's so thick and nice. I'm jealous."

And as I lay flat on my back, close to a slumber, the beautician waxes and plucks away. I can feel her thin fingers slide over my eyebrows slowly. She is very precise with the stray hairs she pulls out post-waxing. She is the artist and I am her muse.

But in an effort to save money, I decided to tweeze the furry caterpillars myself. I didn't just pick up my tweezers and tug at my hairs. I used a trick my mom taught me; Vaseline.

When I was young, mama told me to dab some Vaseline on my eyebrows. It prevents me from accidentally nipping myself with my super sharp tweezers. Thus, I'm left with perfectly plucked AND thick eyebrows.

So, I'm curious. How do YOU groom your eyebrows?

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