February 28, 2011

Products I Like: VitaFusion Gummy Vitamins


So, my obsession with VitaFusion's gummy vitamins has gone a little out of control. I've thrown out my Centrum multi-vitamins for VitaFusion's MultiVites. When I used to take Centrum, I would often forget to take them because my morning often consist of me running out the door to my morning class. With my gummy vitamins, I grab, I chew, I'm done. The MultiVites aren't the only ones I take. I also ingest Power C to boost my immune system because everyone around me is getting ill, and I take Calcium to fight off osteoporosis :).

A friend of mine thinks I'm too old for gummy vitamins, but I say pish-posh! Whatever makes me get my nutrients is fine with me.

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