February 3, 2011

Beauty Starts From Within (DUH!)

vitamins i take every morning

A recent trip to my physician provoked me to try being healthier. Being in college, I've not only gained a ton of weight, but some physical ailments as well, which I think may be due to my poor diet and lack of regular exercise (DUH!). I'm really trying to get back on that good-health train and I'm starting with my supplements.

Growing up, I ALWAYS took my vitamins. If I didn't, I would have hell to pay from my father (Read: strict, but loving, Nigerian dad). I'm glad my dad instilled in me the importance of taking my multi-vitamins every morning; taking a multi everyday helped me start my day right. I knew if I took my Flintstones chewable tablets--which then became Centrum pills--that morning, I'd have a healthy day. Healthy days made make me happy.

That being said, I introduced additional supplements into my life to take daily along side my multi-vitamin.

Right now I am taking Centrum Performance Multivitamin, but I will eventually switch over to VitaFusion's Multi Vites Gummy Vitamins because I am a kid at heart. I also found that the Centrum multies sometimes give me a tummy ache :(.

I also take VitaFusion Calcium Gummy Vitamins because calcium is especially important for women as we get older. Calcium supplements can help prevent osteoporosis later on in life. It is important you take the right calcium supplements. Find the one that is right for you. I used to take Caltrate, but I hated how huge the pill was. Also, make sure you take a calcium supplement that has Vitamin D or Magnesium. If you can find one that has both, then extra points for you! Vitamin D helps your bones absorb the Calcium and Magnesium stops the calcium from making you constipated. However, constipation is not a problem of mine because I love fiber-HA!

Lastly, I take two low-dose "baby" aspirin daily as well. I take the chewable ones, so they are super yummy. According to Dr. Oz, taking two baby aspirin daily can prevent cancer, make your skin look better and thin your blood to prevent inflammation.

Now that I'm taking all the proper supplements, I just need to make that extra step to eat right and drink more water because beauty truly starts from within.

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