March 15, 2011

Nails: No Topcoat = A New Manicure 2 Days Later...


So... on Sunday I painted my nails with a touch of Irish inspiration. Well, silly me thought that my Only Gold For Me Topcoat from Sephora by Opi would suffice as protection to yield chipping. The very next day, a strip of polish on my left index finger came off. Actually, it peeled off. I could PEEL my nail polish off. I then remembered that I didn't use my Top Coat Pro from Rimmel London. My thumb with the clover leaf was the last to chip, er, peel. That's because I put my topcoat on it because of the leaf I drew. Nonetheless, lesson learned; I must ALWAYS wear a topcoat.

I gave myself a new manicure that is part Irish, part African inspired. The glittery tips have a tint of orange in them, so I've got the Irish flag somewhat on my nails. But for some reason, I think of Africa when I look down at my hands.

1. Yes I Can by SpaRitual
2. Extra-Va-Vaganza by OPI
3. White nail art brush from Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics
3. Top Coat Pro from Rimmel London

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