March 9, 2011

Reader Asks: Looking for a great mask, help!

freemans cucumber maskA reader asks:
I'm looking for a great face mask. My skin is combination and can handle harsh treatments if needed. What do you suggest is best?
While I'm no dermatologist, so I can't offer expert advice, I can offer advice from experience. I happen to have sensitive skin, so products that I find harsh, you'll probably be able to handle. Finding the right mask will take trial and error. I just started using a mask, but prior I was all about facial peels. My ultimate favorite face peel was the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel, but that's been discontinued... I think? All I know is I can't find it anywhere and that drives me NUTS! But that's OK because I've moved on to Freeman's Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask.

The cucumber mask goes on cool and leaves my face smooth and refreshed. Needless to say, this isn't Freeman's only mask. They have a couple more that can target what you want. You see, it all depends on what problem you want to tackle on your face. After 11 years of going to a dermatologist, the one thing I have learned is that you can't try and battle too many facial issues at the same time. And if you do, be prepared to go through a duration of blotchy-face-syndrome--ha, I made that up. But, you get what I mean.

So Nicole, I suggest you hit up your local drugstore and see which mask does what you want. But in my opinion, I think you should start with any one of Freeman's mask from their Feeling Beautiful line or make your own.

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