April 15, 2011

Black Women & Body Image - Is There An Issue?

Raven Symone lost 35 plus pounds
Raven Symone's new svelte figure.
While driving to work last month, I heard on the radio that survey results showed black women have seemingly no body image issues in comparison to women of other races. HA! I don't believe that. Just because it seems like the majority of women who are dealing with eating disorders are not black, it doesn't mean black women aren't worried about their body image.

In the black community, curvaceous women are more accepted and the definition of "fat" does not equal a woman who is slightly "thick." However, body image issues in any community rectify themselves in different forms.

I can't speak for all black woman as I think body image is a universal issue and one can only know personally where they stand. I know that for me growing up, the "perfect body" equated someone who had a great athletic figure because all my life I've been an athlete. But then again, what exactly is the best-looking athletic figure?

As long as you're healthy and happy, who cares what you look like? Oh, that's right. The whole world cares. Raven Symone lost a lot of weight and she reportedly said, "I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did, SO whatever." I think she's right. It is whatever. Weight loss and gain shouldn't be a main topic of conversation, but I get why it is because I think you can always tell where a person is in their life with their weight. That aside, I'm just glad to see Raven happy and stress-free as she claims.

Anyway, I just think that as a society, there is less pressure on black women to be miss stick-thin. But internally, we care. We care to look a certain way, whether it's to have the perfect coke-bottle shape or the largest rump. What are your thoughts on body image and black women? Is there an issue?

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