April 4, 2011

Dark Berry Beauty Secrets: Ria Michelle, Stylist & Owner of Filthy Magic

ria michelle
Ria Michelle

Stylish and an entrepreneur, Ria Michelle is a girl after my own heart. She is a stylist, fashion blogger and runs the successful shopping site Filthy Magic. She's got a wildflower look I adore and know I could never pull off. In this Dark Berry Beauty Secret post, Ria reveals how she got her purple hair and a few things she's learned from working with makeup artists on photo shoots.

Name: Ria Michelle

"I can't live without eyeliner. My favorite used to be Urban Decay's 24-7 pencils, but a friend recently gifted me with Stila's Kajal eyeliner. It's so much richer, so I use it on my lids now and the 24-7's on my waterline."

"I fill in my eyebrows. From doing photoshoots and etc., I've become addicted to full gorgeous eyebrows because the makeup artists I work with always fill in models' brows. I use a MAC brow pencil."

"In the morning, I just wash my face with water and then use a moisturizer. Lately, I've been using L'oreal Youth Code. I have no preference when it comes to moisturizers."

"At night I have to use an actual cleanser. If I've been wearing makeup, I use a makeup remover cloth first, followed by a Clinique face wash. I love their face washes. I follow it up with their clarifying lotion and then the L'oreal Yout Code 3 step system. After that, my skin feels incredibly soft."

"When I wear my hair naturally, it's a lot of maintenance. I have it relaxed at a salon and it has to be by Dominicans. They know my hair best. After my hair is relaxed, washed and set I try not to load it up with product. I usually don't need anything until about 5 days after my salon visit.

At the end of the week or maybe a week and a half depending on whether it's oily or not, I wash it myself with Pantene Pro-V's relaxed and natural line. I use a Yellowbird blow dryer and then a Chi flat iron to get it back to being straight. This is really just a waiting period til I go for my salon visit to get a wash and set. I get my hair washed professional every 2 weeks and relaxed every 6 weeks or whenever my stylist lets me know it's time. I always have color in my hair but since my hair is relaxed it's not a good idea to dye my hair as well, so I use hair glue to glue in a colored hair piece usually to my side bangs. It has to be human hair so that I can curl and blend it with my hair.

Currently I've been wearing wigs so my hair regimen has been super low key and it saves me a ton of money. I don't relax anymore and I don't flat iron. I occasionally blowdry but for the most part I air dry."

"The purple in my hair is not mine. It's actually a wig. I was out in LA and had been jonesing for all over color as opposed to just an extension piece. I knew I could never do it because it would be chemical overload and my hair would break off. I found this wig in a random store and thought it would be fun. It was about $15 and so pretty. I loved that it went from black to purple!"

"I wear wigs all the time now it seems. I obviously don't wear them at home though, and usually if I'm out and about in my town (Hollywood, Fl), I just rock a top knot or a pony tail. If I'm going out-out I wear wigs. They are so fun and easy. I used to scoff at wigs in the past. I'm sure my mom remembers me making fun of them and is laughing at me for now loving them."

"I hate cakey makeup. I don't like it when I see like creases in eyeshadow and on someone's face because they've just smeared so much paint on their face. It really grosses me out. I also hate really dark lip liner with a light lip color but I think most people do too. Oh and over plucking your eyebrows."

"I wear Hanae Mori. It's kind of my signature scent. I may flirt with other fragrances but I always come back to Hanae Mori."

"I'm an Urban Decay junkie. I'm usually wearing Urban Decay eyeshadow. They have the best pigments for my skin color. Nothing else I use comes close. I don't even need primer (though I love their primer). I love bright colors on my eyes. I like Stila as well. I'm totally addicted to their illuminating finishing powder. I stopped using it for a while due to laziness and have recently started again and I'm getting a lot of compliments on my face. When I do my makeup, I usually focus a lot on my eyes but now I'm starting to accent my cheeks. I go on and off wearing foundation, I don't think young women should use foundation all the time. It's kind of unnecessary unless you're going for some serious all over coverage. Makeup should be used to highlight what you got not bury it all. I guess that's why I rarely do a full face of makeup."

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  1. Thanks for all these make-up recs! Already an UD junky & using the clinique wash as per thanks to you. I think I'm going to try out the new eyeliner that you're using :3. I'm going to try to start wearing eyeliner every day, but skipping foundation. Idky, but once I do one little bit of make-up, I want to do my whole face X"D. It's either all or nothing.


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