April 12, 2011

I Heated My Rock-Hard Body Butter

nubian heritage body butter
Heated Nubian Heritage body butter being mixed w/ a knife.

Thanks to a tip from a dear friend, I placed my rock-hard body butter from Nubian Heritage on my heater. It quickly broke apart and the shea oil came to the surface. I used a plastic knife to chop it up and mix it. It should stay soft and creamy now, right? Not! 30 minutes later, the body butter was back to its hard texture. However, this time it looks like frozen cottage cheese and is easier for me to grab and slab all over my body. I think that the place-body-butter-jar-on-heater experiment was a success!

Someone suggested I use my hair dryer to heat up the jar. I think that might be more efficient once my heat gets turned off. It's just that once heated, the oil sits at the top and needs to be mixed back into the body butter.

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