May 11, 2011

Certain Dri Anti-Persipirant Saved My Social Life

Certain Dri Anti-Persiprant
I was 11 when my under arm perspiration problems began. My mother told me it was "normal" but I knew it wasn't. I mean, was it "normal" for a 10 year old to put on a shirt and then to have apple-sized pit stains under her arms by the time she got to school?! NO. I don't think so. I never really wore colored shirts for most of my tween years. And if I did, I stuffed tissues in my armpits. Oh yes. I did such a thing.

Let's be honest. Pit stains are very embarrassing. Sure it's normal to sweat under your arms, but who wants to have proof that they actually do sweat there outside of rigorous activity?! Not me.

I was a freshman in high school when I started using Certain Dri. After seeing a cheesy commercial for the anti-perspirant days before my first day of high school, I went to CVS with one of my best friends and purchased Certain Dri. I knew this was my last resort to stop my problem before I tried to convince my mother botox injections were the only solution to stop this social-suicide problem of mine.

Certain Dri is to be applied at night. And in September 2003, I did just. I woke up the next morning anxious to see if I would get the results I desired. By the end of the day, my under arms were so dry I couldn't stop staring at my pit stainless shirt! 8 years later and I have never looked back. I use Certain Dri every single night and sometimes an anti-persiprant/deodorant in the morning. I used to use their AM Deodorant, but I can't find it in stores and think it's too pricey online.

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