May 26, 2011

Do you wear textured nails?

matte nails
Picture taken from Huffington Post

HUFFPOST STYLE recently posted about The Next Evolution of Nail Polish: Texture. The blog post covers cracked, matte, tweed and rubber (?!) nail polish. While I'm no newbie to this nail trend, I am astonished by how it has taken off.

I've also seen an increase in nail blogs. More specifically, nail art blogs and it's interesting to see the many different ways my fellow nail polish addicts use this trend. I follow at least 10 nail blogs on my Google Reader. My favorite is Fancy Fingers--a good nail art aggregator.

While I'm not a huge fan of textured nails, I can appreciate it. I lost it after a friend sent me a link to A SNAKESKIN PEDICURE (Seriously, WHY?!?!). You see, I'm a perpetual classicist. I truly enjoy classic beauty in all aspects of life. A shiny coat (and some funky designs) is all I need in a manicure.

Between cracked, matte, tweed, rubber and velvet nail polish, do you wear textured nails?

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