May 31, 2011

I Will NEVER Spin Again!!

The only spinning I'll be doing.

While I'm on my Summer Slimdown grind, spinning will not be in my exercise regimen. This is an exercise class in which you peddle on a stationary bike for an entire hour. Woo.

I went to my first and last spinning (or eh, cycling) class a couple months ago. I love bike riding, so I was excited for a vigorous cardio class. Little did I know that the class would be boring. Yeah, I said BORING. Sitting on the bike seat and standing up on the bike as you peddle to the metal is as exciting as your typical cycling class will get.

The entire hour I was thinking about how bad the bike seat was chaffing my girl area. Seriously. The rubbing against my inner thighs was so painful, I walked funny for three days. I still cringe every time I see a stationary bike.

Have you ever taken a cycling class?

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