May 5, 2011

NAILS: 2 Formals - What to do?

Dress 1: Rosette Sweetheart Dress from Forever 21
Dress 2: Mossimo Grecian One Shoulder Dress from Target

The semester is coming to a close and that means it's formal season! Formals are the equivalent of high school proms. As stated in my previous post, I'm going to two formals. They are back-to-back; one happening today and the other tomorrow.

I usually have no problem planning my styling choice once I purchase my dress, but for some reason, I'm in quite the pickle. My problem is both of my dresses are very different, so I'm having a hard time picking a nail color. While complaining to a friend of mine, she said, "Yeah, I don't know. Both of your dresses are very different. You might just have to paint your nails again on Friday." And you know what, she's right. I think I may just paint my nails twice! The colors I choose will be revealed later, woo!

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