May 18, 2011

NAILS: Tangy Ombre

dark berry beauty nails I Believe in You from SpaRitual | Poppy from American Apparel | Sooki from Zoya
Topped with Copper Shimmer from CND Effects

The other day, a friend asked me if I tried ombre nails. I didn't, but it was a nail idea that had been lingering in my head! To make sure I chose the right colors, I had to whip out a piece of paper and swab each nail lacquer on it. My goal was to make my nails look like a natural transition from one color to the next. I hit a couple bumps while doing this.

The I Believe in You from SpaRitual wasn't as bright as I hoped it would be and Poppy from American Apparel (the middle color) didn't have its own shade. It blended with my base color (I Believe in You) and formed a color that was between orange and pink. As soon as I placed Sooki from Zoya on the tips of my nails, I noticed that the color change wasn't gradual. To fix this, I slabbed on a layer of Copper Shimmer from CND Effects. Thus, the end result above.

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