June 1, 2011

Should I Go Blonde?

eva marcille in vibe
Eva Marcille in VIBE
As if! I would never go blonde. I am scared my hair would fall out and my Nigerian mother would slap me silly! The only way I would ever go blonde is with a wig, as seen in my previous post.

However, I do think it's a great look on the right brown-skinned beauty. Blonde hair and black women is a trend that is growing rapidly. Beyonce, Eva Marcille and Ajak Deng wear it so well! I think it's an edgy look and not for every black woman.

Let me digress.

As I was driving in my car with one of my friends, we hit a red light and he said, "I don't understand why black women go blonde. It doesn't look very nice and the only person I know that wears it well is Beyonce! She looks so good blonde, it's a kind of scary-beautiful."

I turned to him and said, "Yeah. I know. It's not a color for every black woman. If a black woman decided to go blonde, she better have a good colorist or she'll be left looking like a fool."

And as I finished my sentence, I turned my head to the left and saw a young black girl walking with a strawberry blonde weave as her black hair peaked out underneath. I said, "And there goes an example of what it shouldn't look like. What, a travesty!"

"Travesty," he repeated.

So what am I saying? I'm saying blonde hair has to be done right. The shade of blonde must fit your skin tone. And if you wear a weave, make sure it's Beyonce fabulous.


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