June 20, 2011

Would You Pay $125 for Acne Cream?

My night cream

Six months ago, this happened:
PHARMACIST: "That'll be $125."
PHARMACIST: "It looks like your insurance no longer covers Azelex."
ME: "You're joking..........."

I begrudgingly forked over $125. Six months later, after I switched insurance companies, I thought I'd see if the new one covered my night cream. Turns out, it doesn't. I'm kind of curious as to why this happened. I've found that the only reason insurance companies don't cover certain topicals is when they think the product is too risky.

I have been using Azelex since I was 10 years old (I'm now 22), so I'm baffled as to why the sudden change in coverage. Combined with my prescribed day lotion, it leaves my face seemingly flawless. It's amazing and blows that ProActive crap out of the water.

This time around, I told the Pharmacist to forget renewing my prescription for Azelex. I'm going to have to hit up my Dermatologist for new and affordable zit cream or find an over-the-counter alternative. If I had cash flowing out of my ears, I would definitely pay the $125. However, I do think that's an unreasonable price for a face cream! Am I right?

Would you pay $125 for acne cream?

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