July 11, 2011

Generic vs Brand Name - Which Do You Buy?

I'm mad. Well, more so annoyed. I wrote about the Nutra Nail Odor Free Non-Damaging Polish Remover a couple weeks ago. I used up the remains of my bottle thinking I could purchase another bottle at my local CVS, Rite Aid, etc., etc. Turns out no store around me carries it. WHAT GIVES?! I had to settle for the store brand biodegradable nail polish remover that has ODOR (seen above) because I like to use a remover that is acetone free.

NEXT, I went searching for a specific shampoo I use called Nizoral. It's a dandruff shampoo I love to use because the relaxing I do to my hair leaves my scalp very dry and flaky. But uh, I refuse to go natural. In one use, my scalp is flake free and moisturized. I searched high and low; I wasted a good hour of my day. It was nowhere to be found in my hometown. Therefore, I settled for the store brand (seen below).

And while I don't normally fret about generic brands (I buy generic ibuprofen, tissues & etc), there are some products I prefer to purchase the trade name. I trust a specific brand's product performance and I know that I am getting my money's worth. I do not adore being forced to use a generic name, because the brand I like is nowhere to be found!

What do you think? Do you care if your product is a brand name or generic? What items do you buy that are generic?
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