August 31, 2011

QOTD: Why do YOU apply makeup on the train?

Dear YOU,

Yeah, you. You're that girl applying her entire face as we all sit cramped on this bumpy train for our morning commute. I see that you like to use all Mac Cosmetics products, right down to your brush. There's nothing wrong with that. Really. I have no problem with what you are using, but with WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Why are you showing every person on this train how you go from fug to fabulous? WHY?! Putting on your face should be done at home or in the privacy of a bathroom, where the lighting is better than the dim fluorescent lights we are under. Also, do you really find your lap to be a sturdy enough place to hold your precious cargo aka your makeup? DO YOU?! Oh, you say you don't have time to put your makeup on before you leave the house? Well, that's your fault. Get up earlier or just don't wear makeup. I'd rather look at an undone face than worry about getting your blush dust all over my cream blouse.


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