August 4, 2011

TMI Thursday: How do you carry your pads and tampons?

Starting a new segment here on DBB called TMI Thursdays. It'll be where I share a little TOO MUCH INFORMATION. My close friends think I share too much information about bodily functions, but I can't help it. I'm very, very comfortable talking about how to take the best shadooby ever and how many times you should fart in one day (15 by the way). But ANYWAY, this is my blog and hopefully we can all learn about something together here on TMI Thursdays.

I've got heavy periods. Always have and I probably always will. It's OK. It's part of being a woman, right? To make sure the Niagra Falls that's happening down under stays controlled, I usually opt for Always Infinity Overnight Pads. SERIOUSLY. If you have not tried Always Infinity line, then you don't know what you're missing out on. The pad literally sucks up the blood (was that too graphic for you? Deal with it.) and you feel dry between your legs as the rapid red sea flows. This pad also does wonders at preventing leaks.

While I was shopping at Target, I went to grab my favorite pack of pads and noticed it came with a carrying case (pictured above). I didn't need the case, but I had no choice but to buy that specific box. I actually tried using the carrying case for a while, but it was just too bright and OBVIOUS that I was carrying pads in that thing. After using it for a week or two, I decided to go back to using my Dooney & Bourke wristlet I got as a present in high school. It's classier and certainly more discreet.

Anyway, I'm wondering. How do you carry your feminine products? Is there a special case you use?


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