August 29, 2011

TRY THIS NOW: An All-White Manicure!

cnd brilliant white
CND Brilliant White

This week, the nail color of choice I'll be highlighting is white. I absolutely love the color white. Always have. I think it's a classic and chic color and it goes well with anything. It's also the perfect color for a manicure... in the summer. I'm not sure if I'd rock an all-white mani in the fall, winter or spring, but I know for-sure it's a definite must-try for the hot-hot summer. White is a cool color that will lift your spirits on any one of those sticky sweat summer days.

Today I went with CND's Brilliant White. Apparently, it's an opaque color but I was not convinced. I had to paint my nails almost six or seven times until I got the vibrant shade of white I desired.

What do you think?

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