October 19, 2011

What's the difference between a hair mask & a conditioner?

[Picture of Redken 5th Avenue extreme strength builder plus mask]
Redken 5th Avenue NYC—the hair mask I use.

According to the peeps over at Garnier, "A mask nourishes hair thoroughly while a conditioner hydrates and detangles." A mask should really only be used once a week as a sort of therapy treatment for your hair.

Well, I've got a confession. I use a mask at least twice a week and I don't know if that's good or bad for my hair. (I'll investigate later.) I've never really had bad hair... Oh wait. There was that time in high school my braided hair extensions RIPPED OUT CHUNKS OF MY HAIR during the removal process. Anyway, I've been blessed with great hair genes. Although, I will admit I am nice to my hair. I use a pomade everyday and I lightly oil my scalp after I wash it. I also only use hot tools three times a week.

My hair has always been strong and does what I tell it to do:
Me: If I want to burn you with a a curling iron or straightener, you will endure the pain!!!
My hair: Yes. Whatever you say Diva D.
And my drastic chop a year ago, aka the best hair decision I have ever made, has allowed my hair to grow back quicker and thicker. I'm always down for doing anything that improves the texture and look of my hair, and ever since I started using a mask twice a week, I noticed my hair is softer. I use the mask as a conditioner. I don't leave it in for a long time, just until I'm done scrub-adub-dubbin away in the tub.

Do you use a hair mask?

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