October 17, 2011

Why Straight Teeth Are Important

[picture of retainer]
Remember when I talked about getting a new retainer? Well, it finally happened! Sure it burned a steep whole in my wallet, but that piece of metal was worth every single penny. My jaw pain is slowly subsiding and my teeth are back to being picture perfect!

I will never be ashamed of owning a retainer. However, I only wear it at night when I'm sleeping because it can be cumbersome. Straight teeth are a luxury and I understand that! If you are ever given the opportunity to see a Dentist or Orthodontist, do it. I was so aggressive about getting a new retainer because your dental care has a great impact on your health.

And according to Dr. Sam Alkhoury's team, "Straight teeth are less prone to decay." Teeth that are straight are easier to clean, and the cleaner your teeth are the less likely you are to get gum disease aka gingivitis. Scientists have recently discovered that there is a potential connection between gum disease and other serious health conditions such as heart disease and Diabetes. Also, more women than men die from heart disease yearly. Yikes!

I think it's best we take care of our teeth ladies!

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