December 12, 2011

Growing Out My Eyebrows: The Progress

It's been three weeks since I last waxed my eyebrows.

I've been growing out my eyebrows ever since the lady at the nail salon I normally go to f!@ked them up. I'm not happy with the progress. It's going rather slow and I have bald spots, which is probably caused by the continuous waxing since the age of 13. I just want my beautifully shaped thick eyebrows back! It kills me that I might have to go another 30 days with bushy eyebrows, but I have no choice. And when I see my ladies at the salon, I am going to be very stern with how I want my eyebrows to look.

And if you're wondering what I'm so pissed about, just look at the picture above. The eyebrow on your left is shaped slightly thinner than the one on your right.

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