December 23, 2011

New Toner: Tend Skin

 Tend Skin Liquid

When the Pathmark supermarket in my town went out of business, I was devastated. Not because it was my go-to shop for all my savory necessities, but because Pathmark is the only place I know that carries Skin Tight. This is my toner of choice and the one thing that keeps my skin almost zit free.

So last month I was getting a perm and I ranted to my hairdresser about how I can't find Skin Tight anywhere. (I couldn't find any trusted providers online, so I was not going to take a chance with buying a bottle on the web.) Ron threw a bottle of Tend Skin my way and said, "It's pretty much the same thing."

Tend Skin is generally used for unsightly razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn. It's slightly less natural than Skin Tight because it has a tiny aspirin agent. But, I'm loving what Tend Skin is doing to my complexion. The best part is that it can be found on!

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