December 26, 2011

Watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Changed My Life

fat sick and nearly dead
A while ago, a good friend suggested I watch a movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Not ashamed of my body image issues and constant search to be healthiest I can be, I put that movie on my must-watch list.

Last night I finally watched it and I am so happy I did. I've heard of juice cleanses, but never actually witnessed someone go through it. I always thought they were crock shit and just something celebrities did to get fit for a role.

In this movie, Joe Cross goes on a journey to reboot his health. He drinks nothing but fruit/veggie juice that he blended for 90 days! I watched him go from taking almost 10 different type of medications daily to control his autoimmune disease, to taking nothing. Obviously he can't drink juice for the rest of his life, so after he was done, he changed the way he ate. Eating more micronutrients: vegetables, fruit, nuts and beans.

Tomorrow night I am going out and getting myself a juice blender and then hitting up the grocery store for fresh fruit and veggies. I can't wait until the New Year to start my juice cleanse. I need to start it immediately!! It's important to consult a doctor before doing a cleanse, but I'm not. I've been to so many doctors lately that I'm well aware of what my health looks like and what my "numbers" are. I'm aiming for healthy and skinny. My doc took one look at my neck and was like, "You have a fat neck that needs to go." And it will be gone.
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