January 16, 2012

I Have Sleep Apnea - Now What?

At my sleep study.
Today I went to the doctor to get results on a sleep study I had a couple weeks ago. The results showed that I have slight Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is when you stop breathing as you sleep. FYI: 85% of Americans suffer from Sleep Apnea. It can lead to high blood pressure and other diseases you do not want. Apparently, I stop breathing at least 7 times when I sleep and 34 times when I am in deep sleep. Scary right?

Basically, my doctor told me that I need to lose weight immediately. What this doc doesn't know is that I've been trying to lose weight since August! Having polycystic ovaries doesn't make losing weight easy. The weight comes on fast, and then likes to stay on. Sigh. I'm just really sad. I feel like I've wasted money on a trainer because he hasn't really helped me lose any weight and it's not his fault. It's mine and my body's. I haven't been at the gym as often as I should and that's because my feet hurt sometimes and I am perpetually exhausted.


So I guess I just have to get serious about my exercise and diet. Now is the time while I am young.

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