January 30, 2012

I Made A Yummy Iron Rich Drink!

iron rich juice for juice cleanse
I'm incorporating fresh juice into my life as I mentioned before. Yesterday I missed my Bikram yoga class and was a little upset about it so I made this iron rich juice I'll call Broccoli Mon (pictured left). It's probably a great drink for me to sip because it'll help me fight my Anemia.

Here are the ingredients:
3 giant broccoli stalks
2 green apples
1 lemon
1" ginger
A lot of you have been wondering how I know what juices to make. I don't really, but I've had so many juice mixes that I know what will taste good together. I've also learned that certain fruits make your juice taste sweeter or tangier. Lemon is one that will make it sweet but tangy and grapes or any berry will make your juice sweet. Berries are great super fruits. The darker the berry, the more oxidants that berry has. Nonetheless, Broccoli Mon is a hit!

Oh so yummy in my tummy.
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