January 4, 2012

Juice Cleanse: Day 4 - Bananas Don't Juice

Lunch and snack.
So remember when I told you about my strawberry, banana and red grape concoction? Turns out the reason it was so yummy was because bananas don't juice.

Tonight I put my last banana in the juicer to make a sweet "dinner" of banana, strawberries and grapes, but the banana didn't juice; I know so because I put it in the juicer first. It shot straight to peel collector. Womp.

Needless to say, today was another successful day of straight juicing! I stepped on the scale just for pure curiosity and I'm 2 pounds lighter! I think I can do this! I just hope I don't go broke. Buying fresh produce twice a week is kind of pricey.

So that's 2 pounds in technically 2 days because day 1 and 2 I ate. The first day I lost it at night. I was shoving bread with Nutella into my mouth. The next day I had some beans and rice and day 3 was when I decided enough was enough and that I needed to get serious. Success! As Nemo would say, just keep swimming, swimming. In my case, I'll just keep drinking, drinking...
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