January 6, 2012

Juice Cleanse; Day 6 - I Ate and I'm Not Proud

Well, I never said I would be perfect throughout this cleanse. I do promise I will be honest about my experience. This thing is hard. However, I realize that I need to stick with it because today I briskly walked to work from the subway and didn't feel like death. After work—I was there late—I grabbed a handful of graham cracker sticks from the free table and then went to the vegetarian spot across the street. I figured if I was going to eat I might as well eat vegetarian. I had fries and ordered a potato and spinach burger. After the fries I was feeling queasy. Took a couple bites of my burger and stopped. I felt guilty. I'm not eating clean and properly cleansing my body, but damn it I missed food! AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! SHOVING THOSE GRAHAM CRACKER STICKS AND FRIES INTO MY MOUTH IN MY MOUTH FELT GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

But that's my problem. Food does too much for me and I am trying to break this hold it has on my mind, body and soul. I'm juicing all day tomorrow, going to Bikram Yoga and I've got an hour session with my personal trainer. Pretty extreme, but in my world it's go hard or go home.

I will get back on track. I will get back on track.
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