January 1, 2012

My Hair Evolution - 1 Year Later

A year ago, my hair looked like this:


Now, it looks like this:


Last year I don't know what got into me. I decided to chop off my hair for the hell of it. It felt good and was slightly liberating. For so long I held on to my long locks for the sake of being the black girl with the "good hair." Now, I don't really care.

I've learned that hair length doesn't make your beauty, it's how you wear it. I decided to grow out my hair because the short hair was fun and easy to manage, but I got bored of it. Also, cutting my hair forced my strands to grow at a more rapid rate. I only go to the salon ever so often. The only time you can find me there is when I need a relaxer or I have a special occasion. Therefore, I wasn't able to properly maintain my pixie cut. Whatevs. I was a lazy and broke college kid.

Now, I'm just growing out my hair because like I just said, it grows at a rapid rate and I'm interested to see how long I can grow it before my hairdresser and I think I need a good 'ol chop!

Happy 2012!

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