January 2, 2012

My Trip To The Benefit Brow Bar

Pre Benefit Brow Bar visit:


Post Benefit Brow Bar visit:


Friday I jaunted over to Bloomingdale's to visit the Benefit Brow Bar. (Here's a list of NYC brow bars.) As you know, I've been growing out my eyebrows because someone at the nail salon I always go to, effed them up. This is when I knew it was time to go to a brow specialist.

I trekked all the way over to the east of Manhattan to get my eyebrows worked on. The total of the trip plus tip cost me about $33. Ah, the price of beauty. The lady doing my brows asked me what I wanted and I really didn't know, except that I didn't want them to be thin. I also knew I liked my eyebrows to have an arch and be perfectly defined.

We decided to keep 'em thicker than usual because I could always go thinner. I've never really had thick, thick eyebrows. I've always had a medium-thick (see picture below), so this is different for me and I kind of like it. Although, I think my eyebrows before had a little bit more of an attitude that I liked. What do you think?

Eyebrow shape from 6 months ago.

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