January 26, 2012

TMI THURSDAY: Researchers Discover High Heels Do Cause Flat Feet

My hooker heels. I love them so much!

Remember when I told you that I landed at the Physical Therapist because of my flat feet? Turns out my doc was right (not that I didn't believe him). He told me that wearing high heels—3 inches or higher please—caused the muscles in the back of my legs to tense up, creating Post Tendinitis. I thought I was cured after a month of Physical Therapy, but the pain has returned. It comes and goes, but for the most part it is there. Probably my fault because I'm not doing my daily stretches. Sigh. I'm going to have to get back into a routine of doing them. This is my life and I need my feet! I am seeing my Podiatrist in May for a check-up and hopefully the pain will subside by then.

Anyway, a new study proves that high heels do cause flat feet. My fellow shoe lovers, let's be smart and not wear heels all the time. Your feet deserve a vacation. Without the proper use of your feet, you have no life. So treat your feet with amazing care and you will live a better and healthy life.
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