February 13, 2012


Remember when I said I wanted to try stiletto nails (you know, trying to be like Beyoncé.)? After I put up that post, I asked my Twitter followers where I could get them done. One of them led me to Valley Nails NYC.

I immediately booked an appointment for Saturday Feb. 11th and didn't think twice. When I arrived, I thought I would use a dress from one of the Fall 2012 shows as inspiration. After my nail technician was done, we both agreed that the design just didn't work.

Since I already had white gel nail polish as my base, we decided to just go with black triangular tips. I really didn't want to have a similar style to Rihanna's nails in her You Da One video...but whatever. I actually wish I chose a solid color because these nails cost me about $100! YES. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I will get my $100 worth, even if that means wearing my nails for an entire month with a couple touch ups here and there.

The nails used on me are what's called the Valley Nail Set. These fancy finger nails are custom fit to cover the entire nail bed. I asked my nail technician to file them down as short as possible because I am a blogger after all and typing/texting is just...so...hard.

What do you think?

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