February 24, 2012

My Favorite Conditioner: Nexxus Humectress

nexxus conditioner

"You've got breakage in the back," said my hair dresser on Saturday as he picked at my hair.
"Yeah, I've been lazy. Not using the correct conditioner...and I've been using Head & Shoulders shampoo."

DBB TIP: Don't be lazy with your hair care!

Head & Shoulders is a great shampoo. It combats my dandruff problem, but makes my hair super dry. In the past, to counteract this driness, I would use Nexxus Humectress conditioner and deep conditioner. It did wonders. I've never had silkier hair, ever. Well...except when fresh out the salon chair. It's one of the best and I highly recommend it. I'm going to go out an snag me a bottle very soon so I can stop having breakage!

What's your favorite conditioner?

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