February 24, 2012

There's Lead in Lipstick? - TEAM LIPSTAIN!

There isn't enough in it to kill you, but that's all the more reason for you to wear lipstains instead. I hate lipstick. I love lipstains because they are light and don't come off. Lipstains won't stain your drinking cup nor straw and come in rich colors. Seriously ah-mazing.

I've talked about my grapple with lipstick on here before... But in a nutshell, I had a traumatic event where I drank out of my mother's lipstick stained water bottle. I used to be a germaphobe as a kid and this horrified me. I was thirsty and had no choice but to drink from my mama's water bottle. Blech. Forever changed my view on lipstick. I'll be a lipstick-phobe until the end of time.

I did recently buy some lipsticks for the sake of this blog post, and now I have lipstick I will never use. Guess I better get a small canvas and start drawing.
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