February 2, 2012

TMI THURSDAY: I Decided to Go on Birth Control

To control my heavy period flow caused by my Polycystic Ovaries, my doc prescribed me the birth control pill Aviane. So far it's been great, except for the side effect of bigger boobs. This is a big problem.

I love having small ta-tas and having bigger ones is not something I desire. Seriously. I've witnessed a couple friends go through breast reductions and that is something I do not want for myself. I know I am being dramatic. My breasts aren't going to become ginormous overnight, but still!

Anyway, I've noticed that the pill made my flow lighter...until the 4th day. After that it was like a bloody Niagara Falls. Womp. Maybe next month my heavy flow will be more controlled. I'm really not trying to have another Anemic attack infused with dizzy spells and excruciating headaches.

Are you on the pill? Which one do you like?

P.S. Pfizer has recalled 1 million packs of birth control pills!
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