February 3, 2012

Would you give up bread?

Where's the bread?!
I've got a secret. Earlier this week I decided to give up bread for the next 6 months. I know. Crazy. I LOVE MY WHOLE WHEAT BAGELS, AND PIZZA...AND DAMN IT. I JUST LOVE BREAD SO MUCH!!

I especially eat a lot of whole wheat bread. But do we really need bread in our diet? Whole grain bread is filled with lectins and phytic acid, which can reduce your body's ability to absorb nutrients.

The idea behind my little experiment is to force myself to replace where I would eat bread with fruit and vegetables. So instead of a bagel for breakfast, I'm going to eat fruit or drink fresh juice, with my oatmeal.

Oh, and what about sandwiches? Well, I'm not really a sandwich girl for starters but I've actually just been eating the deli meat (pictured left) by itself. I do love meat.

Would you give up bread?
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