April 12, 2012

TMI Thursday: I Went On Birth Control & Love It!

aviane birth control

And I'm back! Turns out I had Bronchitis and didn't have energy to blog.

So as you know, I went on birth control to combat my heavy flow caused by my Polycystic Ovaries. Freakin' ovaries. Before I said how my flow was still heavy, but it's not that bad anymore. It's actually bare-able! I can predict when my period will come and it only lasts for four days. Sure beats the FIVE MONTH period I once had!

Cue church bells.

That's not all that's great about being on The Pill. Here's why I love it:

I lost 15 pounds. What?! Yeah. I didn't actually think I could lose weight. Now that the number on the scale is going down, I'm going to work to make the number decrease. You know, now that the doc says I need to lose weight because of my Sleep Apnea.

I feel balanced. The one thing all my doctors told me was that I had higher levels of testosterone (thanks to all my years of sports?) and Aviane has boosted my estrogen levels. Man, I feel like a woman!

I have bigger boobs. Ok, this really isn't that much of a plus for me. I really enjoy having small lady lumps and big ones scare me (I have friends who went through breast reduction). However, it is nice to have a front that matches my big 'ol back side.

All in all, I can't believe I didn't go on birth control sooner. My Gyno recommended it to me when I was 18 because she foresaw what was to come from my irregular periods. But hard-headed me thought I would never need it. Man, if I could go back in time.

Are you on birth control? Do you like it?

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