April 23, 2012

WTF: I Sweated Out My Perm!

new growth roots after sweating out a perm

This is the first time this has ever happened to me. Before this, I have never been one of those black girls that was afraid of "sweating out her perm."

To those who don't quite understand, let me break it down for you. Women with kinky roots (mainly black women), who desire easy-to-manage or relaxed hair, get a perm (relaxer) every six to eight weeks.

I can blame this catastrophic hair situation on my friend. It was her birthday celebration earlier this month and I broke it down on the dance floor (as I always do). But, that night I was a little extra on the dance floor. The DJ was playing my divas Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé and I couldn't resist! Pouring sweating, my makeup stayed intact, thanks to my great primer. But by the end of the night, I noticed that my straight roots were kinky and I knew I sweated out my perm.

Too soon to get a relaxer, my hair has been in a high bun for the past couple weeks. I will say I do enjoy using my new growth as a way to give my bouffants a little voluminous bump.

But to my ladies who have done this before, what did you do?!
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