May 3, 2012

Bikram Yoga Challenge: Day 3 - I Wrapped My Hair And It Worked!

black girl hair care for bikram yoga hot yoga

Day 2 was a little better than Day 1. I had less heart palpitations, but still needed to Shavasana most of class. Shavasana is a corpse pose where you lay on your back with your heels touching and palms up.

Day 3 was even better. I was able to participate in most of the poses, but still needed to sit out towards the end of the class. I realized that my body is pretty much saying, "WHAT THE F#CK ARE YOU DOING TO ME??!?!!" I'm getting you healthy Dara. THAT'S what I'm doing. It's a real struggle and I can't wait for the classes to stop being challenging and start being relaxing.

I almost tossed my cookies after class. I forgot to eat something a couple hours before and had to suppress the vomit feeling at the top of my stomach. I usually eat a salad beforehand, but it slipped my mind. Tomorrow I will DEFINITELY be eating a little something, something before class.

To solve my wet hair problem, a reader told me to wrap my hair. And you know what, it worked. My hair was still a little wet, but when I unwrapped it, it was straight and soft. Looks like I'll be wrapping my hair for every class. Now that I've got my hair situation out of the way, nothing can stop me.

Dara Gets Fit is in FULL EFFECT. Let's go!
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