May 20, 2012

Bikram Yoga Challenge: Third Week

Third week was amazing...until I almost passed out in class from dehydration. NO. SERIOUSLY. I've been going three times a week to really get my body used to Bikram.

On my first day of class for the week, I rocked it. I was able to do almost every pose effortlessly. I was so proud of myself for kicking yoga in the arse. But then the next day I didn't drink enough water during the day. I somehow got wrapped up in my day and found myself only finishing two cups of water. I went to class and right from the start I had trouble breathing and my heart kept beating very fast. That particular day the weather was very hot and the humidity in the room was at an astronomical level. Three poses in and I had to sit down. For the rest of the class I sat there staring at myself trying to meditate, when all I could focus on was how fast my heart was beating. Needless to say, the teacher gave me an Emergen-C and I went from feeling light headed to feeling nauseous (can't a girl get a break?!). I mentioned to the instructor after class that I was fine the day before. She then told me that the more I do Bikram, the more water I have to drink because my body is adjusting to the amount of sweat I release out of my body. So basically, I'm going to up my water intake from four cups a day to six.

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