May 1, 2012

Cut Your Hair And It Will Grow!

black girl hair cut

My trip to the hair salon this past weekend rendered a new hair-revelation.

I noticed I had split ends and told my stylist to give me a trim. I never really knew why having split ends were such a big faux-pas when it came to hair care (other than making your strands unsightly), so I poked the brain of my hair dresser—like I always do.

As he got scissor happy on my hair, he explained that it's important to cut your ends off if you want to have hair length that is not only long but healthy. I’m trying to grow out my hair after getting an impulse pixie cut a year and a half ago, so he suggested I come in for a trim as often as I would for a relaxer (every six to eight weeks). Your trim schedule should also be based on your hair growth cycle. I'm probably going to get a trim between relaxers or every time I get a relaxer.

Like I've said on here before, I did noticed after cutting off all that "dead" hair, my hair now grows stronger and quicker than ever. I’m trying to upkeep my new long length, so I will definitely be getting a trim as I see needed.

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