May 17, 2012

TMI THURSDAY: I Hate My Sleep Apnea Machine

sleep apnea machine
My CPAP all boxed up.
Stick a fork in me because I'm done...with my sleep apnea machine. By choice of course. I used the machine for two weeks and all it did was hurt my neck while I slept. I was still tired throughout the day and also just feel like I don't need it.

When I first met with my doctor, who I barely know, she basically forced me to get the machine. The expen$$$$ive ass machine. This is also the same doctor that tried to convince me that I have asthma and prescribed me an inhaler without my knowledge. At my sleep study, the technician reiterated what the witch doc already told me; that my sleep apnea was not that bad and a little weight loss would solve the problem.

I told my doctor I would rather try the lose weight option but she was all up in my face saying, "Well it could still get worse and you don't want that to happen!!"

I wanted to tell her stinky breath self, "I'm 23. I've got a long life ahead of me and trying to drop a few pounds could be worth a shot." Bottom line, I have no idea how I of all people (I'm super assertive.) allowed this doctor to push me into a treatment I did not want.

That being said, I am seeing the doc next month and telling her arse I don't want to use the machine anymore. I already feel so much better in the morning after I awake from my Bikram Yoga induced slumber.

I really just have a feeling all this bitch wants is my money and doesn't really care about my health. Have you ever felt like that about a doctor?
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