June 26, 2012

Orbit White Gum Does Wonders For Your Teeth

orbit white gum packs
It's no secret I love my teeth. If you had braces for a long-ass-time, you'd be freakin' obsessed too. TRUST. ME.

Often, people ask me how my teeth are so white. I usually spill a couple secrets, which you can find here and here.

You see, when it comes to having white teeth, I will try almost ANY-THING...that seems safe. Ha! Having white teeth really isn't that big of a deal, alas, I still strive to get my brightest smile. Like I said, obsessed with my chompers.

In the peak of my white teeth obsession four years ago, I discovered Orbit White gum. It claims that "chewing 2 pieces of Orbit White after eating and drinking helps remove stains and whiten teeth. Based on an 8-week clinical test." I chewed the gum for at most three months and saw an amazing difference! I'm dead serious. I was shocked, because I actually thought it wouldn't work.

Back when I was hoarding this gum like it was water in a drought, it only came in the car friendly container. I got sick of carrying that clunky case and decided to stick to the regular Orbit gum. Now it comes in an easy convertible pack and I am so excited to start chewing it again to maintain my pearly whites!

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