June 7, 2012


what waxing is like
There have been many times where I've fallen asleep on the waxing table as the aesthetician was waxing and tweezing my eyebrows. I can't help it. I find waxing extremely relaxing and I don't know why. It really isn't the best experience.

A hot thick and syrup-like solution is smeared on your face, only to be followed by a notion that feels like a million tiny needles are scraping your skin. And if all the hairs have not been picked up by the wax, the sharp edges of the tweezer poke you, tugging at the stray hairs and yanking them out of their cuticles. Does that sound appealing to you?

This. Is. Heaven...to me.

During my normal bi-weekly trip to the Benefit Brow Bar, I found myself falling into a slumber in the chair and hoping my specialist would use her tweezer just one-more-time to pull the hair out of my face. It's like with every hair that is being lifted from my brows, stress is being pulled away. Does that even make sense? I sound like a crazy person.

Anyway, I'm getting my first bikini wax at Completely Bare NYC very soon and expect to leave my appointment like I left my brow session: relaxed.

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