June 14, 2012

TMI THURSDAY: My Completely Bare Bikini Wax

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DO NOT READ ON if you wish to not read in detail about my first bikini wax experience. BUT, I encourage you too take a peek. It'll be educational. I did this as an attempt to tame my ingrown hairs. Jessica Coba, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of European Wax Center confirms this theory saying, "Waxing can reduce ingrown hairs and blemishes."

Alright, let's go!

"We should treat our vagina like our face," said my Aesthetician (V is her name) as she ripped off the waxing strip from my lady bits.

I didn't flinch nor scream. I continued our conversation. "Oh, really? I guess you're right."

I then thought, the skin down there is very sensitive and deserves the right tender, love, and care. (Pun intended!)

The waxing procedure I went with was the Completely Bare, which is exclusively at Completely Bare spas. This meant I was getting every piece of hair off (EV-ER-Y. PIECE.) with their painless wax.

During the entire session as I laid there spread eagle with my hoohah in the beautician's face, I was laughing. It was not out of nerves, it was out of pure enjoyment. I know. I'm sick. I mean, I told you guys last week I love getting my eyebrows wax because I find it relaxing. I just so happen to be really ticklish around my tummy area, so when she laid her hand on my stomach I roared out school girl giggles.

She was confused as to why me, a first-time waxer, was having a blast. I didn't even take any painkillers beforehand. Freak-of-nature I am.

After V was done, she informed me of the importance of exfoliating the skin and using an astringent (like Tend Skin) or acne spot cream. Both will help fight irritation and bumps.

Post-wax, I booked my next appointment. Yes. I think I am going to be a regular waxer. Ingrown hairs begone!

Do you get your bits waxed regularly?

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