July 5, 2012

Dara Gets Fit: 20 Lbs. Lighter

The month of June was not a good month for me in regards to yoga. I went a handful of times, instead of my normal three-days a week sessions. I got caught up with work, but this month I am putting my foot mat down. Yogi Dara is back.

In other health news, I lost 20 lbs. It's taken me almost a year of exercise and healthy eating to finally tip the scale, but it's going down and it will keep going down. I've picked up a new exercise routine with a combination of 90 minute yoga and 60 minute cardio. Not all in one day of course.

I also found that portion control when eating has seriously helped. I've gone from being the person to finish a meal fit for two, to being satisfied with a child-size plate.

I don't have a goal weight, which is bad. You're supposed to have one when dropping the pounds. Really, I just want to feel healthy and like what I see in the mirror. I'm amazed at how different I feel from just dropping 20 pounds.

Dara gets fit is doing WERK.

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