July 9, 2012

I'm in Love: Dove VisibleCare Toning Body Wash

dove visible toning body wash
I love, love, love, loooooooooove Dove. That's no secret. I stupidly strayed away from their body wash, but um, came crawling back as my skin was cracking crying for the Dove touch.

For the past month, I have been using their new VisibleCare Toning Body Wash. It claims to restore your skin’s elasticity and strength. The body wash is enhanced with vitamin e and the highest concentration of NutriumMoisture—Dove's patent moisturizing complex that nourishes deep into the skin's surface.

I was skeptical, y'all. I seriously did not expect my already smooth skin—I've been moisturizing every. single. day since I was a kid—to look and feel better than it already does. Nonetheless, this body wash is worth a try!

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